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This week as well as designing the normal kitchens and bathrooms we have been designing bedrooms and living room furniture.

We have used the Crown bedroom range which has been recently expanded to include many new colours, styles and textures. There is also an emphasis, in the new range, on modern looking gloss finishes.

There are two choices of wardrobe height and new widths which made designing bedrooms a pleasure.

The living room furniture has also been revised and there are modular units which give lots of design options as well as modern vibrant colours.  Crown also do units designed for office use such as filing drawers and the shelving and these are all designed to fit your standard size office stationary files and folders. This makes the range perfect for home offices or bedrooms with a built in working area.

If you are interested in having a fitted bedroom, home office or living furniture we can design your new room, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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