high end kitchens

Automatically activated drawers and cabinets have featured in several of our top of the range kitchens recently. These use servo assistance so that door and drawers will open with a light touch to the front of the door/drawer. This adds extra elegance and functionality to handleless kitchens.

system steamer

Steam ovens are gaining popularity in upmarket kitchen installations. There are several models that have a compartment for water which is then made into steam for cooking. Some of the newer models are plumbed in and so do not require filling up. Steam cooking is a great way to keep meats moist and can speed up cooking times dramatically.

Duplication of appliances is becoming more and more popular. The most used is an extra built under fridge to go along with the integrated fridge-freezer. We have also fitted dual dishwashers, which can be useful when hosting parties or simply when one machine is in use. A dual appliance set up is not as expensive as you might imagine as it takes the space of a cabinet in the kitchen.

Wine cabinets are now a regularly fitted accessory. They are specifically designed to keep your wine at the correct temperature with more sophisticated appliances having different temperature zones. It can also make a great visual feature and display your collection which would otherwise be hidden away.

kitchen power docking station

A small but important addition to the functionality of the kitchen is the docking station. With the rise of flexible working the kitchen can be made to be an ideal space to work at home from. For this there are various solutions but all will incorporate power points, usb sockets and tv monitor set ups.