kitchen power docking station

The kitchen is probably the room in the entire house that gets used the most and because it does get used the most, it requires renewing… a lot. Keeping up with the latest décor trends will give you an amazing and yet different experience every time you enter the kitchen. If you feel that it is time to renew your kitchen or at least apply a few changes then get ready to be inspired by reading our top kitchen trends for 2015!

Clean with a contemporary feel

This type of kitchen has an amazing fusion of styles and multiple colours all in one kitchen. These kitchens are sleek, stylish and minimal but they are far from simple. Stainless steel and white are being used more and more often and it’s not hard to see why. They balance beautifully with warm wood tones and people are steering away from black kitchens and black kitchen appliances too.

Wood cabinets

Wooden cabinets is a trend that keeps coming and going, but this year it is back with a bang. This is probably the strongest look this year as wood cabinets have been the first choice for generations as the natural look of wood can match almost any colour. Rustic looking wood cabinets and drawers are a big thing at the moment and people are now using rustic wood on cabinet fronts. This is why we have to put this as one of our top trends for this year.

Wallpaper that will wow

Integrating wallpaper into your kitchen is a brilliant way to set the mood for you, your family and your guests. It will also complement the existing theme or motif of your kitchen. You can use fun patterns to give your space a fresh look or you can give it a retro look with 70’s wallpaper which you can find online.

Ceilings that make you gasp

People today want to make a statement when it comes to their kitchen. They want their friends, family and neighbours to see it and remember it. They also want to take advantage of their whole kitchen space, that includes the ceiling as well. People have started getting the type of ceiling that will make you look up and around to extend the borders of the room. Interior designers have started to add gold or copper tiles on coffered ceilings.

Outdoor kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are becoming a hot trend because they allow you to expand your living space and it allows you to cook, eat and entertain without having to book a table in a restaurant. The best outdoor kitchens are just as functional as in indoor kitchen, as welcoming as a living room and as entertaining as a family room. An outdoor kitchen can be just as simple as a seating area, a table and a grill or you can make it as elaborate as you want it to be.

TVs and docking stations

Now this is something that you probably weren’t expecting to see on this list but they are used a lot in kitchens today. With a TV or an iPod, you can listen to music or enjoy your favourite programme whilst you’re cooking, washing or just generally spending time in your kitchen. Who said being in the kitchen wasn’t fun?

Wine refrigerators

Believe it or not, wine isn’t supposed to be stored in normal refrigerators. Wine refrigerators create the most ideal conditions for storing wine compared to a normal refrigerator. They also come in different shapes and sizes so they can be stored anywhere, such as under a counter and that way it is always close to its’ owners fingertips.

Tribal-inspired tones

These are inspired by Moroccan and Native American cultures and they are vibrant, rich and attention-grabbing. This new tribal style trend uses vibrant hues to make your kitchen stand out from the rest! Warm earthy tones that are complimented by natural wood is a hot look for this year and a touch of black gives an amazing contrast which goes hand-in-hand with the look perfectly.

Touch-me textures

Natural marble, engineered stones and granite in honed finishes as well as engineered stones that replicate raw finished are very big at the moment as they give a more natural and organic feel to the kitchen. Texture is the thing that makes the room pop. Texture also provides balance so you can incorporate it in to other rooms too!

Airy, open shelves

These are a practical solution that not only free up space but they also warm the kitchen up which makes it look more open and lived-in. The open shelves may also increase your storage options. They help your space look bright and open (which is always a good thing if you live in a small space). They are also very welcoming to guests because the guests feel like they can help themselves to whatever the need.

Modern – traditional styles

This may sound like a contradiction, but modern traditional simply means people moving away from ultra-sleek designs for a more warm and inviting vibe with mixed materials such as metal, marble, glass and wood.

Shaker style kitchens

This isn’t a new style as such, but Shaker – influenced kitchen designs certainly aren’t going out of style. This look keeps things looking traditional with a simplicity that is rather refreshing in our demanding and hectic lives. The simple construction of the Shaker kitchen is probably the most versatile.